Frequently Asked Questions


Membership Info

1. Who can register here ? 
We accept members from ALL countries who are at least 13 years of age.


2. Is there anywhere I can't connect from ?
Yes.We do not allow proxy or VPN connections, nor do we allow multiple users to share a connection.


3. Can more than one member of my household have an account ?
Maybe...since we do not allow multiple members to share a connection, each member will need either their own separate IP from your ISP or their own internet account to ensure they are separate. If the system detects more than one account sharing the same connection, it will block them both.


Earning at Paid Surveys GPT

1. How do I earn here ?

PTC (Paid-To-Click) Ads -- Go to Earn -> PTC from left menu to see the PTC Ads available to you. These are simple ads that you will be paid to click and view the advertiser's site that loads for a short period of time. The amount paid to you will depend on your membership level and the amount of time you must view the ad but the exact amount will be shown prior to clicking the ad if you hover your mouse over it. Once you've clicked an ad and the timer has completed in the upper left of the site that loads you will be credited immediately and are free to close that window to return here to click another and continue earning.


CPA/GPT Offers --  Go to Earn -> CPA/GPT Offers form the left menu to access these offers. These are offers requiring you to complete a task such as signing up for something, downloading something, watching a video or various other things. After you've completed the task, return to the page where you saw it and click "Submit" to let our system know you've completed it so it can expect to receive credit on your behalf from the advertiser or network. Once credit has been received, it will be promptly posted to your account. Depending on the particular offer completed, this can take anywhere from immediately to 24 hours or so.

OfferWalls  -- Go to Earn -> Offerwalls from the left menu to access the Offer Walls. Offer Walls offer a mix of things to do and usually have instructions telling you what's required for each offer. They are a very organized way to browse lots of offers quickly to pick something you're interested in completing.

Traffic Exchange  -- Go to Earn -> Traffic Exchange from the left menu to access Traffic Exchange Ads. You will see ads here which lasts from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. You will earn Traffic Balance for watching these ads. Higher the Ad Duration. Higher you earn.


Traffic Grid  -- Go to Earn -> Traffic Grid from the left menu to access Traffic Grid Area. This is a game of luck where you will be clicking on Grids. Whenever you click on a Grid you will be shown a 5 second advertisement. After watching advertisement you may win Traffic Balance upto $1, or Advertising Balance upto $1 or Upto 35 Rented Referrals. It totally depends on your luck what you win. You may win all 3 or you may win nothing. So try your luck daily and keep winning.

2. How do I earn more ?
You can grow your extra Income by referring new members to Paid Surveys GPT. You can earn upto 10% of thier earning for lifetime.


Transferring Money and Points


1. How can I transfer Points Balance to Main Balance or Traffic Balance ?
From the left menu click on "Money" and then click on "Transfer" menu. Now click on the Points tab. A new page will load there you will have 2 options i.e. Transfer Points either to Main Balance or to Traffic Balance, Select the Balance where you want to transfer your Points Balance and enter the amount of Points you want to transfer and click on "Transfer" Button.

2. How can I transfer Main Balance to Traffic Balance ?
From the left menu click on "Money" and then click on "Transfer" menu. Now enter the amount of money you want to transfer and click on "Transfer" Button.

3. How can I transfer Traffic Balance to Main Balance or Points Balance ?
You can not transfer your Traffic Balance to Main Balance or Points Balance. Traffic Balance can be used to advertise on the website only.



Defining the Account Balances


1. What is Main Balance ?
Main balance is the money which is available to withdraw to your payment accounts.

2. What is Points Balance ?
Here at Paid Surveys GPT Points Balance is the Virtual Curency which you have earned on the website by completing surveys and offers. It have a similar value as cash. At Paid Surveys GPT 100 points = $1.00. Points can be exchanged for cash on the site. You can also transfer it to Traffic Balance and use it on website for advertising.

3. What is Purchase Balance ?
Purchase Balance is the money which is used to pucrhase advertising packages on the website. You can not transfer or withdraw Purcase Balance.

3. What is Traffic Balance ?
Traffic Balance is the money which is used to pucrhase Traffic Exchange advertising packages on the website. You can not transfer or withdraw Traffic Balance.


Cashing out your earnings


1. How do I cash out my earnings ?
From your account dashboard when you initially login, select "Money" menu rom left hand site and then click on "Withdraw" From there you'll be able to specify your payment method and amount. Then simply click the "Withdraw" button.


2. How long does it take to receive my money ?
We process manual payments the next business day after we receive the withdrawal request. This means if for example we receive your withdrawal request on Wednesday, your payment will be sent on Thursday. Please keep in mind that withdrawal requests received on Saturday or Sunday are made on the following Monday. We also do not usually send payments on holidays. If payment requests are received on a holiday, it's simply paid the next business day that we are back open.

3. What is the Minimum Cashout amount ?
For PayPal minimum cashout amount is - $2
For NEFT India minimum cashout amount is - $3
For PayTM India minimum cashout amount is - $1

4. Am I charged any fee on the amount withdrawn ?
NO, Not at all. We do not charge any fee on the amount you withdraw. We send the full amount to our users. Please Note : Your payment processor / Bank may charge the fee on the amount you have received. As this is out of our scope we can not control this.

5. Can I get payment in my unverified PayPal Account ?
NO. Your PayPal account must be verified in order to receive the payment. Before sending payment we check that PayPal account is verfied or not. If we found account unverified payout will be rejected.

6. Can I get payment in NON-KYC Paytm account ?
NO. Your account must be verified and KYC must have been completed in order to receive payment in PayTM wallet.


Referrals and Rented Referraals


1. What referral commission do you offer ?
We offer upto 10% referral earnings on all your referral's earning based on your membership.


2. How many referral levels are there ?
We currently offers Level 1 Referral Earnings.


3. What are rented referrals ?
Rented referrals are those referrals who currently do not have a upline i.e who signed up on Paid Surveys GPT without any referrer.

4. Who can be rented ?
Only referrals who have clicked ads during the last 7 days and are not already someone else's referral are eligible to be rented.


5. Can rented referrals be bots ?
No.We do not use "Bots" in our rented referrals like some other sites who are basically selling you "fake" referrals.


6. How much do rented referrals cost ?
For Standard memberships the cost to rent a referral is $0.25 each.


7. How much does it cost to recycle a referral ?
It also depends upon what membership do you have.You can check it here : Membership Upgrades.


8. Why are there no referrals to rent ?
Paid Surveys GPT only rents out real people who signed up to the site without a referee. Only referrals who have clicked ads during the last 7 days. Due to this there are a limited number of referrals we have on the site at one time. As we give referrals on rent who are active on website.